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One of the most rewarding things you can do in life is to volunteer. In this case, it is to help the animals. Bayou Great Dane Rescue is in desperate need of volunteers to foster this wonderful breed in their homes.

When any breed of dog comes into rescue, it is usually because they were in the way, no longer wanted, abandoned, either to the street or to a shelter, or they have been abused or neglected by their masters. They all come with baggage. Some are shy, some are so love starved they won't leave your side, some are afraid of humans. These dogs need to be taught once again, that hands are not all for hurting, but can soothe and love as well. Feet are made to follow, not to be kicked by. Voices can be the magic that will turn a dog from fearful, to adoring. All of these things are necessary in rehabilitating a dog that has been through turmoil in their lives.

We also get dogs that have been left by a master who has passed on, gone to a nursing home, or just couldn't afford - mentally or financially, the cost of this breed of dog.

Would you like to help us with this gentle giant breed that is in need of loving foster homes to get them back on the track to being loved, played with and made to feel they are a part of the family?

Foster homes are a very important part of rescue. Bayou Great Dane Rescue takes care of all vet bills to get the dog healthy. Food, toys, treats, heartworm preventative and other incidentals are the responsibility of the foster home. To be able to see the dog in your care regain his/her trust in humans is so very rewarding. To see them smile instead of wince in pain when a hand is raised to push a hair from your face. To see a dog join in when loud laughter rings through your home, instead of seeing them run to hide.

If you would like to be considered as a foster home, please Contact Us with your name and phone number so we can talk. You really are needed.

Other Ways To Volunteer

Visit your local shelter and walk dogs for them. Offer to take a dog to obedience classes. Help screen applications, do home visits, help with paper work, offer to help on Adoption Days. There are any number of ways you can help with rescue. These are just a few. Use your imagination and make some dogs very happy that you care. :-)

Raising funds

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Have a garage sale. Even the kids can help. Get all the neighbors together to help do a fundraising event for rescue.

This gets the neighborhood involved, and the funds raised go to a great cause -- saving more animals. Volunteer to have a garage sale and get a really good feeling about helping rescue.


You can also Donate to Bayou Great Dane Rescue by Credit Card through our PayPal Account for your convenience.

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