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Scooby in the shelter

Sebastian started out at the shelter as “Scooby”. Like so many dogs that end up in shelters, he came in as a stray. He had been spotted hanging around a service station, and the people there called Animal Control to come pick him up. It wasn’t the first time he had been brought in to the shelter. His owners weren’t concerned enough about him to keep him safe inside the fence. The AC officers remembered that he was always a well behaved dog, and his owners had come for him the last time. They sent a certified letter again, but this time they didn’t come for him. Grady and Harry got really attached to him because he had such an endearing personality, and they wanted him to find a really good home. They called us at Bayou Great Dane Rescue to see if we could help.

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Stevie inspecting Sebastian

Thankfully, Scooby was very healthy. He was heart worm negative, and in good condition. He just needed to be neutered, and to find the right home. He was so well mannered that he really didn’t need much training. Before long, the perfect home came along.

Crystal is a vet tech who has a lab mix named Stevie that is very energetic and needed a playmate. It was love at first sight with Crystal and Scooby. Stevie wasn’t so sure about that huge black monster ……but after a few minutes she decided he was an OK guy. She gave her approval, and Scooby had a new home……and a new name! Sebastian is a much more dignified name for a beautiful black great dane!

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Home -- at last!

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