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Sandy was picked up by a good Samaritan on the side of the road as a stray. She was emaciated, and close to hairless due to a raging case of demodectic mange. She was hungry and scared, and just wanted a warm, dry place to lay down, and maybe a soft bed, too. She was very fortunate to have been picked up by a very kind person who tried unsuccessfully to find her owner, and finally had to bring her to the local municipal shelter.

Her luck held out, because this particular shelter is clean and well run by some very caring and professional people.

They fell in love with her sweet temperament, and wanted to see her go to a good home. They called us at Bayou Dane Rescue, and we went out and got her. The vet gave her a thorough checkup, and found that she was free of heart worms (thank goodness). Although her mange was very bad, it was treatable, and she was given ivermectin for 3 months, and also antibiotics to treat the secondary staph infection that had set up.

She went to her foster home after spending the first few days at the vetís office. She headed straight for the big, soft bed and made herself right at home. She loved being indoors after having spent several weeks fending for herself outside, and she was very insecure, never wanting her people out of her sight, even to go outside.

On April 2nd, Sandy met Pat, her new mom, and she seemed to know this was her forever home. She was very comfortable with Pat, and when it was time to leave, she jumped up into Patís Jeep and never looked back! There was a big, soft bed in there for her, and a raw hide chewy. Life just doesnít get any better than that for a dog Ė or does it??? Hereís the note I got today, 2Ĺ weeks later:

"Dear Paula,
Sandy is doing great- she is even getting to where she likes to go outside and lay under the trees. She still lays in her bed every morning while I get ready for work - been a good influence on Holly for that - even Holly is slowing down a little - they both wear each other out all day and fall asleep early.

Sandy has gotten to be very vocal- she makes all kinds of noises while playing with Holly. She definitely loves rawhide chew toys and sneaks up on the sofa the minute I walk out of the room.

Everyone who has meets her thinks she is great and a real beauty. What a pleasure it is to have her. 

Well that just about touches all the bases. Will write again later on.
--Pat and family"

It just doesnít get any better than this for a dog. Sandy is a very lucky dog, and Pat is a very lucky human!

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