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 Adoption Requirements

All prospective homes must go through a screening process, and we reserve the right to refuse placement in any home for any reason. Our primary concern is the welfare of the dog. We try to match dogs to the best possible home for them. Just because a dog is available does not mean that it is desperate for a home. Dogs are ‘safe’ in our program and will remain until the right home is found, regardless of how long that might take.

An Adoption Application form must first be completed. Upon approval of the form, a home visit will be arranged so that we can meet your entire family, including any other pets you may have. The purpose of this visit is to try and determine what temperament will work best in your household.

We are looking for very special, responsible homes for the Great Danes that we have accepted into our program. We have invested time, a good deal of money, and our hearts into these dogs, and they take a piece of hearts when they go to their new homes. It is impossible to work with them and not become very attached to each and every one.

The homes we are looking for will:

v     Be willing to complete an application form and provide references, including a veterinarian reference

v     Be willing to invite a rescue representative into your home to meet you, your family and any other pets living in your household

v     Pay an adoption fee to help defray expenses of the program

v     Have a fenced yard or kennel area

v     Keep the dog as a member of the family, which means it will be an indoor dog most of the time, but always at night

v     Provide monthly heart worm preventive, flea preventive, good nutrition and ample water

v     Comply with all local laws concerning keeping of dogs and providing vaccinations, including rabies

v     Never, ever, under any circumstances, keep the dog tied or chained in the yard

v     Never, ever, under any circumstances, release the dog to a shelter of any kind or place in another home. If, for any reason, the dog can no longer be kept as required, it must be surrendered back to our rescue.

These requirements insure that the dogs we have helped will go to homes that will love and cherish them as the wonderful companions that they are. We consider a neglectful or abusive home to be a fate worse than humane euthanization in a shelter. Placing a dog in a home where it is allowed to roam and get into trouble, where it could be hit by a car or attacked by a wild animal, is made to live its life outside in the heat and cold and inclement weather, or is simply used as a yard ornament or a status symbol, is not providing a better life for it or the people who pay the adoption fee.

We consider each home carefully, as we consider the temperament and special needs of each dog in an effort to match the two. It is our goal to do everything possible to insure the success of the adoption so that the dog does not have to come back to us and go through yet another transition.

If you would like to provide this kind of home to one of our Gentle Giants, please go to our Adoption Application and complete it. We will contact you soon.  

An adoption donation of $200 helps to defray our considerable vet expenses. A routine spay or neuter averages about $200. The initial wellness check, which includes vaccinations, is over $100. The adoption fees do not cover all of our expenses, but do help to insure the continuation of the program so that more Great Danes can be helped.


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