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Hannah was picked up by Animal Control as a stray and brought to the shelter. She loved everyone she came into contact with, and was very well behaved and seemed to have had some sort of training. She had been living on the street for awhile, and was full of worms, was positive for heart worms, and had lost quite a bit of weight. The people at the shelter really wanted her to have a good chance at a great home, and contacted Bayou Great Dane Rescue to help. Hannah was successfully treated for her h/w and is now a healthy girl.

Angie and Jason, and their two beautiful children, Alex and Emelie, had applied to adopt and had been approved. They were just waiting for a black or harlequin Great Dane when Hannah showed up at the shelter. We decided to send them a picture of Hannah Ė just in case.

The following Saturday, the whole family, including Nanuk (their boxer) went to meet Hannah at the shelter. First Angie and Jason, then the kids. It didnít take long for everyone to agree that Hannah was going home with them, if Nanuk agreed.

After a few very excited sniffs, and some time running around together in the dog park, Nanuk sealed the deal! Hannah had found herself the perfect home.

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Angie sends updates and photos frequently.

Hannah has brought much joy to their household, and is exactly what Nanuk needed.

Nanuk is a very energetic dog and was wearing out everyone in the house.

Now he and Hannah spend hours playing in the yard, and when they come inside they are too tired to bother anyone.

And as you can see from all the photos, Hannah has gone from being a street urchin to a very spoiled princess!

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