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Last Updated 09/06/2008

Welcome to Bayou Great Dane Rescue, an independent rescue working to place homeless Great Danes in the Southwest Louisiana area. We work closely with other groups in Louisiana and Texas to insure the welfare of Danes in need.

All dogs that come into the program are carefully screened for temperament. Aggressive or excessively shy dogs are not offered for placement. All dogs are brought current on vaccinations and treated for any health conditions including heart worms. If a dog has a major health concern that will require medication or treatment on a long term basis, prospective homes are fully informed before making a commitment to the dog.

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Before being placed, all dogs are spayed or neutered no exceptions. This policy benefits the overall health of the dog, makes it a better companion, and helps to insure the dogs we place do not contribute to the staggering number of unwanted dogs.

Most of the dogs that come into our program come in from area shelters, and were picked up as strays.

Others have found themselves homeless as a result of divorce, unfortunate financial situations, owner neglect, and ignorance of the breed and its needs. Occasionally, we do accept owner releases under extraordinary circumstances.

We are in desperate need of foster homes. If you would be interested in providing a temporary home for a Great Dane, please contact us. The requirements are the same as for adopting. Vet expenses for the dog are paid, but you are responsible for food and heartworm preventive for the dog while it is in your care.

How you can help
Rescuers rely on your help to save as many dogs as we can. If you would like to help us to help the animals, please use the button below to donate to Bayou Great Dane Rescue.

Wish List
Toys, treats, brushes, combs, Frontline, Heartgard, blankets, very large crates, leashes, colors, towels, shampoo, K9 tooth brushes, food and water bowls, seat belt harnesses and sponsors for our rescues. Contact for mailing instructions.


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